Revolutionalize your Deposit Mobilization process

From increasing your agent's productivity, to crunching through performance metrics.

Easy to use, quick to setup

Get up and running quickly with a deposit mobilization platform tailored to meet your needs.

Unbeatable Support

Here at mKudiPay we gaurantees support team that always has your back. We work hard to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Convenience is key

mKudiPay Desk understands the uniqueness of your business, and allows you to integrate into your corporate systems.


Data transferred are encrypted with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryptionn

Happy, engaged agents

Boost productivity and engagement with our unique and user-friendly mobile Apps designed for Agents.

Don't improvise. Improve.

identify the right trends and patterns in your agent's efforts, make improvements, and inspire better performance.

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Our Engineers will Contact you within 24hrs to activate your acccount.NB:contact us via email: for immediate account activation.


After a successful activation you can configure your company account and start using mKudipay without any financial commitment.


Revolutionalize your deposit mobilization process,empower sales force to carry out secure transactions, access information while on the move and have better control of their business portfolio using a smart phone.

Your Portfolio. In the palm of your hand.

With the mKudiPay app for Android and iOS, agents can catch up, Register and transact for customers, wherever they are.

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